Bby Gemma in my scarf

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What's your major in college?




gettin outta school on the last day like




So this happened on facebook today….




I love vintage stuff but I’m so glad I can enjoy them in the 21st century with my iphone, wifi and slightly more human rights 

somebody gets it.

holy fucking shit i’m finally going to meet someone i’ve known online for 8 years. IoMFGAHKGJ DHSGLKDJSG;slkgjasd;lgDSF 



my friend Pete literally makes me cry with his snap stories

this is me, i am pete, love me 



what the fuck are you guys talking about that you’re disappointed with not being part “monster” or whatever. you’re all part skeleton that is some scary fucking shit

excuse me but that is ridiculous??????? skeletons dont even real


How to be a good mamakoto to your child


The accuracy of this statement…

George. George get off my bag. I need to pack for Sakuracon. gdi



I forgot to cat

Decided to dog.

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sasunaru, curse


Sasuke believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the whole damn world was cursed. An inheritance going down through each generation like a terminal disease.

Neither of them deserved what had been done to them. They’d been children; decisions they didn’t understand were made outside of their control. By their parents, their siblings, their village,- but they were the ones that had to live with the burden of the consequences.

Sasuke’s carried it in his blood, his eyes, the ink sealed into his neck with fangs and a sad old man’s fearful hatred of death. On the street, he kept his eyes black and his collar high. 

Naruto’s curse was obvious like the rest of him, scars like whiskers and bold, flowing ink spiraling over carved abs and sun-bronzed skin. He took to wearing mesh shirts and kept his jacket unzipped, face bare and proud and disarmingly earnest. 

It pissed Sasuke off as much and he admired it. Admired him.

Not that he’d ever tell the moron that to his face. 


kitten cuteness




melancholicmarionette replied to your post “im so angry”

what is irking clay

My dad made a dumb status about men having a “monthly cycle” because they have to deal with women’s monthly cycles and there were stupid ass comments on it like “U kno wat would be the shit. When woman get thair period. If they would just sleep for 7 days straight.” and “Newton’s third law of relationships, for every male action there’s a female overreaction and for every female action there’s a male underreaction”

so I commented “I’ll show you a fucking overreaction. Sexist old men.”

and I got replies like “Could you pass the remote when your done…” and “Yea do the laundry make my lunch and be quiet”

and I showed my dad because he hadn’t checked it and he said they weren’t that bad. I’m so fucking angry. He doesn’t even care that people are talking to me like that. One of them is his ex-stepson. I hope I never fucking meet him because I’ll spit in his face. 

Are you serious??? I’m angry just reading this. 

god thank you. i just feel so horrible. my dad finally commented but it was mostly just to joke around that they pissed his kid off and that they won’t like what’s gonna come out of my mouth. it’s kind of funny but not the kind of comment i was looking for. i just feel so angry i can’t stop thinking about it. i’m so glad i’m going to sakuracon tomorrow. it’ll get my mind off this shit.